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About Vestigia

Vestigia - Latin for Traces

The name of our centre is programmatic: We are searching for manuscripts which we are making accessible - a process of looking for hidden traces which is the key component of our work in the centre. 

Mission Statement

The Research Centre VESTIGIA dedicates itself to the academic study of sources of written heritage which can take the form of a variety of forms, from manuscripts and incunabula and early printed works to records, plans, maps, topographic materials, autographs, estates and other rarities.

Our work in this context usually entails inventory recording, cataloguing, stock conservation and restauration, providing or improving accessability (especially through digitisation and data bases), as well as the edition of selected objects and the publication of academic studies. 

VESTIGIA focusses on the collection of the collections of the University Graz Library itself and other regional collections (e.g. Styrian archives and monastic libraries), but also makes a significant contriubtion regardig collections of manuscripts and records in the neighbouring countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe to make these documents available to a wider scientific communnity. Work in this context is carried out in the framework of projects and cooperations. The close cooperation with departements and organisations working on conservation, restauration and digitization ensures the highest possible quality. 

Tasks and Objectives

  • the academic and scientific research and opening up of materials from the Special Collections of the Graz University Library and the presentation of the results of these endeavours in the form of presentations, data bases, internet resources, printed publications, etc. 
  • opening up of hitherto unknown or incaccessible collections in Southern and Eastern Europe
  • making individual manuscripts and collections accessible which for a variety of reasons have been mostly neglected up to now
  • making available and researching palimpsests and fragments of manuscripts 
  • conservation, care and if necessary restauration of manuscripts and old printed works 
  • improving accessability especially through digitisation 
  • training qualified junior staff and constant further education of existing staff 
  • improving the international visibility of the Special Collections of University Graz Library, e.g. by establishing a  definite place inside the CERL network and participation in the UNESCO Memory of the World programme
  • development of and participation in national and international projects 
  • organisation of and participation in academic congresses, symposia, conferences, summer schools, etc. 

VESTIGIA Manuscript Research Centre

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Erich Renhart

University of Graz/Austria
Universitätsplatz 3A
Office address: Heinrichstrasse 78A/II
A - 8010 GRAZ

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